freight security

The SecureSeal® is a stainless steel reusable trailer seal that offers unsurpassed tamper evident and cost-effective security for your fleet. We have a number of variations that will exceed your individual security requirments.

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Imagine being able to see exactly where each of your vehicles is real-time. Well now you can. Our SecureTrac™ system allows you to remotely monitor the whereabouts of your unpowered assets for up to five years on one battery.

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Door sensors that log every door opening and closing. Temperature monitoring with in-cab alerts. Motion sensors and more. When you are transporting valuable cargo, our RF Sensors help you to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

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In addition to security, location and monitoring products, we are the marketing leader for Hubodometers, which monitor the actual distance travelled by vehicles, as well as official suppliers for the Ivensys HVAC building systems components. For inquiries about these products please contact us via email at: or via our web inquiry form or give us a call:

Within the UK: (0)20 8344 8777 Outside the UK: +44 208 344 8777

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