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18 October 2002

Enfield based OEM Group are delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new model of the innovation award winning Secureseal.  The new model is called Secureseal.Dock.


Designed for use on Rental or Hire Vehicles and Trailers, the Secureseal.Dock is fitted to a vehicle via a stainless steel mounting plate that is bolted permanently to the rear door. 


The Secureseal.Dock is placed into the mounting plate and locked in place until its removal at the end of the hire period.


Uniquely this allows the use of a re-usable sealing system across an entire logistics operation including hired vehicles and obviates the need to mix disposable seals with the more cost effective re-usable seal.


Secureseal is specified worldwide by some of the largest logistics organisations in Europe and already has a wide variety of users from high street Supermarkets, Airports, Fashion and Parcel Carriers


Secureseal.Dock offers the possibility to security seal any vehicle and provides the opportunity to reduce the cost of sealing on all the fleet. 

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