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London, UK, 26 July 2005 


In what is thought to be the biggest order of its type in the UK, special RFID tags will be fitted to 1,500 Christian Salvesen trailers with a national detection network extending across 45 sites.  The system uses the new RFID tagging technology linked to GPRS communications.  Designed as a straightforward 'site location' solution, the system eliminates the need for costly units and infrastructure. It is reckoned to cost 75% less than conventional trailer tracking systems.


“The Secureseal system will tell us where our trailers are, said Simon Woodward, business support manager at Christian Salvesen. “The system is exactly what we need and offers the added benefit of low installation and operating costs. This will ensure a quick payback and it makes very good economic sense.”


The RFID tags are five-year battery powered RFID transmitters, which wirelessly transmit trailer ID to a cellular GPRS hub that then updates a secure web server. It is a simple plug-in system needing no special installation. Christian Salvesen will be able to get each of the 45 sites, many of which are customer-owned, up and running literally in minutes.

Christian Salvesen currently undertakes daily trailer audits at all sites, which are time consuming and error-prone. The company also carries out quarterly double-checks of trailer locations, but with this new system in place these tasks will no longer be necessary.


The system includes easy PC software for monitoring trailer activity with search by depot and trailer, time analysis with departure and arrival times, MOT/maintenance alerts and other reports that form part of a complete trailer management solution.

Developers of the system Secureseal are part of the OEM Group and the trailer location system is one of a new generation of security and automated monitoring devices for fleet operators.

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