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​London, UK, 17 June 2022

GXO Logistics, Inc. (previously XPO Logistics) are latest to launch SecureCheck (MOT/service indicator) trials.  Trial SecureCheck (MOT/service indicator) units were fitted onto trailers for the dedicated B&Q fleet in Worksop for initial field trials.  Post successful trials we hope to fit and supply wider GXO logistics contract fleets with this innovative MOT and Service compliance solution.


SecureCheck is the newest product by SecureSeal Systems Limited, and was designed to impede manual changing of MOT or service dates.   Dates due are clearly displayed electronically and can only be changed by VMU personnel once an MOT or service has been carried out.


About GXO

GXO is an American global contract logistics company that manages outsourced supply chains and warehousing. GXO's corporate headquarters are located in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. GXO operates approximately 869 warehouses with 208 million square feet of facility space, making it the largest third-party pure-play contract logistics provider globally.

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