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A hubodometer is a robust, sealed mechanical mileage recording device attached to a bus or trailer axle for accurate distance recording in either miles or kilometres. It records every turn of the wheel and displays this recording on a high resolution magnified display for easy reading.


  • Available in miles or kilometres;

  • Maintenance-free;

  • Accurate and reliable recording of trailer or bus mileage;

  • Available for all popular tyre sizes;

  • Environmentally sealed compact design;

  • Integrated axle cap assembly options;

  • Recognised and accepted as accurate for fuel rebate applications.


Why use a hubodometer on a trailer?

A trailer disconnected from the tractor has no independent record of its use or distance travelled. A hubodometer provides a valuable source of mileage data.

Hubodometers are a valuable component for scheduling a preventative fleet maintenance program and accurate billing for any distance-based or lease payment application.

Product Datasheets:  
OEM hubodometer:  English | Nederlandse

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