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The SealRF detects SecureSeal® security seal opening and closing and sends a wireless message to the vehicle's telematics or gatehouse check system. The data message contains the trailer identification, a covert seal number, and optional alert for open or closed seal conditions. Each time the SecureSeal® is opened or closed, the SealRF provides a high security level random number code. It also sends wireless RF data to any third party telematics system, or to the gatehouse check receiver unit.


  • Highest level of security seal available;

  • Zero maintenance – no wiring to get damaged/broken;

  • Makes retro-fitting simple and cost-effective;

  • Enables immediate exception reporting and alerts;

  • Provides data to identify when security is compromised;

  • Increases customer confidence;

  • Helps provide protection against cargo theft and suspect deliveries;

  • Monitors seal for increased theft prevention.

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