• Long-life self-powered battery;

  • Automatic download via drive-by receiver;

  • Built-in real time clock;

  • 300 event memory;

  • Provides full audit trail to the receiver;

  • Advantages of a SecureSeal® + SecureLogger over an electronic seal:

    • The logger is located on the inside of the door and not exposed to the elements.

    • When the battery eventually depletes, unlike an electronic seal, the integrity and functioning  of the SecureSeal® itself is not compromised.

    • Designed to download data automatically on drive-by. No additional handheld device readings required, which makes it invaluable for busy gatehouse security personnel.

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The SecureLogger is a modular logger that monitors the SecureSeal® or SecureSwitch open and closing events, delivering the most trackable method of  security sealing available.  The integrated logger stores all seal or door open and close activities with time and date stamp, and automatically downloads data to the receiver hub on drive-by. The data is then seamlessly uploaded to the SecureLogger portal for review.