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​London, UK, 02 September 2019

Allport Cargo Services (ACS) a well known and respected UK based supply chain, logistics and freight forwarding company is the latest to switch to SecureSeal. ACS has committed to removing single-use plastics completely by 2021 and replacing them with sustainable alternatives. The freight, supply chain and logistics company, part of EV Cargo, said it had already eliminated the use of 51,000 single-use plastic seals used by its fleet and was replacing them with “SecureSeal”.


Allport's single-use plastic policy addresses plastic used for catering, cleaning, office materials, packaging, warehouses and transport, and the company has introduced 16 initiatives to support its complete elimination, including the retrofit of SecureSeal to its UK trailer fleet.


About Allport Cargo Services / EV Cargo Global Forwarding

Allport Cargo Services was founded in 1963 and specialises in retail and consumer goods industries, providing air, ocean and surface freight, logistics and supply chain optimisation services. In 2020 as part of brand consolidation, the company rebranded to EV Cargo Global Forwarding.

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