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17 April 2017

OEM Group Ltd Managing Director Cameron Grant and Chairman Ben Grant were pleased to welcome Mr. Karam Bhinder of Cargo Secure Solutions to the Enfield office of OEM Group Ltd. recently.  Cargo Secure Solutions is a logistics security specialist company based in Chandigarh, India.

Mr. Bhinder has introduced SecureSeal® to the Indian market through an innovative integration of the SecureSeal® into a tank lorry security system, designed to protect fuel and other liquids from pilferage. SecureSeal’s keyless system is an advanced tamper-evident solution to fuel retailers' existing security practices of mechanical, electro-mechanical padlocks, and disposable security seals. The approach also reduces the need for additional manpower required for operations of existing security setups. Thus it not only saves on pilferage losses, but also reducing operational overheads.

SecureSeal® is fully compatible for use within explosive zones, and is incorporated on PESO approved tank lorry designs in India. See the video demonstrating the system Mr. Bhinder designed. 

L-r: Cameron Grant, Managing Director of OEM Group Ltd.,
Karam Binder, Managing Director, Cargo Secure Solutions,
Ben Grant, Chairman, OEM Group Ltd.

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