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UK Mail is protecting its trailers from unauthorised use with an innovative security device called Suzilok. The device locks off the air line on trailers to prevent the trailer from being used when the vehicle is off road or awaiting a service. UKMail sees the device as particularly useful for preventing the movement of trailers that are not road legal.

Suzilok provides a simple and cost effective way of locking down trailers, addressing the common problem of drivers failing to see the VOR sign and taking the trailers onto the road by mistake. UK Mail is also using the device for added security, ensuring that loaded trailers cannot be moved from their depots. Some trailers are also used for temporary storage and any accidental movement is prevented by Suzieloks.

Suzilok is an ideal trailer management tool that takes just seconds to fit. Made of stainless steel and completely demountable, Suzielok's are secured by a key and the locks can be keyed alike or to differ.

UK Mail is one of the largest express delivery companies in the UK with an estimated 8% share of the express delivery market, making it the fourth largest operator in the sector. Roughly 90% of its UK parcel business is for next day delivery and around 90% is business-to-business. With 140 locations across the UK, UK Mail and its associates employ over 5,000 people. A fleet of 3,500 vehicles is responsible for the movement of over 150,000 consignments every working day.

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