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SecureSeal Reusable Seal
Single use plastic seal


Are you part of the solution?







Used ONCE, 500 years to decompose                      Use for years, 100% recyclable 



We are all aware from recent media reports of the devastating situation of single-use plastic in our environment, how it migrates from land to ocean, and the havoc it is creating for marine and human life. At SecureSeal Systems we have taken the initiative to scrutinise our operations even closer, as well as joining with organisations to promote the significant benefits of the SecureSeal product which can eliminate the use of single-use plastic seals in the logistics sector.


With this at the forefront of our minds, we are embarking on a new six point programme that will eliminate or greatly reduce all single-use plastic from our organisation, and promote the same ethos as much as we can with our clients and business colleagues.


This program includes:

1. Identifying single-use plastic usage - ongoing
2. Elimination of single-use plastic, or if that is not possible, to ensure it is reused or recycled - in progress
3. Substituting biodegradable materials for plastic, whenever possible 
4. Educating suppliers and employees on the single-use plastic predicament - in progress
5. Design and innovation that keeps at the forefront reduction of single-use plastic packaging or components - ongoing
6. Supply and exchange - ongoing

We have resolved to eliminate wherever possible, all single use plastics from our supply chain by the end of 2018. 

We are actively seeking effective anti-single-use-plastic organisations that we can support in our corporate social media campaigns and through financial contributions. 


Our goal is to contact as many logistics companies in the United Kingdom as we can and challenge them to eliminate the use of single-use plastic seals and switch to a SecureSeal.  Now in its 24th year, the SecureSeal enables companies to eradicate thousands of single-use plastic seals from their logistics chain. Sainsbury's, Tesco, Next, TK Maxx, B&Q, Walmart Brazil and many other companies committed to the environment, observe better environmental practices by reducing their use of single-use plastics.


Most of the leading supermarket groups in the UK, as well as leading retailers in the UK and worldwide, have recognised the environmental benefits of installing our reusable security seal on the fleet for many years.

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