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The TempRF is a wireless temperature transmitter that can be used in most logistics environments to measure temperature.  The unit features a powerful transmitter, available in the latest 868MHz and designed for long-range wireless communications (e.g. trailer to cab).


Once installed, temperatures are transmitted at intervals from 1 minute to 15 minutes, and can be received in-cab or at site using the wall mounted DataHub. Temperature breaches will be detected and communicated to the company’s telematics data centre.  The telematics system will update the temperature readings for that vehicle and check for alarm conditions.


  • Quick and easy to install;

  • Wireless communication (no cables);

  • Immediate alerts when the temperature goes out of critical limits;

  • Increased customer confidence;

  • Real protection against perishable goods being lost or rejected due to wrong temperature;

  • Protects income against goods, insurance claims or reimbursements;

  • Increased safety: Prevent delivery of goods that may be hazardous to consumer health.

Product Datasheets: English

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