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The DoorRF is a wireless sensor transmitter that detects when a door is opened or closed and sends a wireless message to the vehicle’s telematics or gatehouse check system. It is connected to a SecureSwitch (or any high-grade magnetic door switch or trigger input).

The DoorRF unit is programmed to transmit data wirelessly to the in-cab device, and all door openings/closings are detected and communicated to the company’s telematics data centre. The telematics system will in turn update the door open status for that vehicle, and check for alarm conditions.


  • Considerably more reliable than wired sensors;

  • Zero maintenance – no wiring to get damaged or broken;

  • Wireless system makes retro-fitting simple and cost-effective;

  • Enables immediate exception reporting and alerts;

  • Provides data to identify when the door is opened outside of your permitted areas;

  • Increases customer confidence;

  • Real protection against cargo theft and suspect deliveries;

  • Monitors door for increased theft prevention;

  • Protects income against stolen goods, insurance claims or reimbursements.

Product Datasheets: English

(DoorRF shown with an attached door switch)

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