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The SecureLoc is a long life reusable security seal with integrated lock. It produces random number security codes and provides tamper evident security for all types of vehicles and trailers.

SecureLoc is specified around the globe by companies that require the added security of a barrier seal to their sealing needs.


  • May only be opened by allocated key;

  • Tamper Evident;

  • Reduces administration costs and time compared to disposable seals;

  • Guaranteed reliability - up to 50,000 operations;

  • Easy to install;

  • No batteries;

  • Can be used in conjunction with SealRF or the SecureLogger for an audit trail;

  • Available without barrier seal - see SecureSeal.

Product Datasheet: English

NEW!  Watch a video demonstration of SecureLoc operation with a curtain-sided trailer.

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