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The BeaconRF is SecureSeal System’s wireless asset identifier that can be used in most logistic environments to track the comings and goings of trailers, trucks and other large assets. The unit’s powerful 868 MHz transmitter is designed for long-range communications, for example, from a trailer to the gatehouse or to the tractor unit.

BeaconRF improves trailer fleet utilisation; Reduce the risk of operating trailers beyond their MOT and Service Schedule; Eliminate manual daily trailer checks – know what is in the yard and how long it has been there with a current listing of all trailers at any depot location. The location audit trail provides a detailed history of individual trailer movements - make sure the tractor is paired correctly and leaving the depot with the correct trailer.


  • Improved Trailer Fleet Utilization: Trailer Alerts indicating Maintenance,
    Location, Security and Service requirements;

  • Quick and easy to install wireless communication – no cables;

  • Cost effective solution to asset identification; up to seven (7) year battery life with low battery warning;

  • Can be installed in harsh environments;

  • Elimination of human error;

  • Know what is where: which trailers are at the depot and which trailer is connected to each tractor.

Product Datasheets: English

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