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FAQs about the SecureTemp in-cab driver warning system

How does the SecureTemp work?
SecureTemp temperature sensor is a totally sealed and self-powered unit that is easily mounted at the rear inside the trailer. It takes an accurate electronic reading of the surrounding temperature and transmits this information wirelessly to the cab.

How does the SecureTemp temperature sensor alert the driver of a temperature problem in the trailer?
Temperatures outside the programmed range will activate the alert function, with an audible alarm for 15 seconds and a continuously flashing display until the temperature returns within the acceptable range.

How do I fit the SecureTemp temperature sensor?
The SecureTemp sensor has an easy to fit wall mounting suitable for any location within the trailer interior. We recommend mounting inside the rear of the trailer for optimum temperature accuracy.

Are there any wires or cables connecting the SecureTemp temperature sensor and the cab?
No, the temperature sensor communicates using radio frequency through the air and requires no wire connection of any kind within the trailer.

Do the drivers have to manually register the cab with the SecureTemp sensor when picking up trailers?
No. SecureTemp has a unique trailer matching feature where the cab display unit automatically searches and mates with the appropriate sensor for the coupled trailer.

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