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Palmlok for EU Trailers


What is it?

Also known as a coupling lock or a "C-lock", the PalmLok is a newly designed simple-to-fit trailer movement deterrent with an integrated lock.  Yellow VOR ring optional.  Designed for EU trailers (see SuzieLok for UK trailers).


How does it work?

The PalmLok unit locks onto the air line and prevents coupling, thereby restricting unauthorised trailer movement. It provides a key-protected barrier to movement of the trailer.


Who uses it?

PalmLoks have widespread use across all EU logistic operations that employ effective trailer management, maintenance/MOT schedules, and theft deterrent measures.  


Why use PalmLok?

PalmLok provides both a visual alert and a physical barrier indication against the movement of trailers, particularly for yard management of the trailer fleet. It's simple to operate and install onto the trailer coupling, providing a quick and easy method to protect VOR trailers from unauthorised movement, particularly when maintenance issues are at stake. It also provides a very simple and cost effective deterrent against opportunistic theft.


  • Prevents unauthorised trailer movements;

  • Easy to apply and remove with key control;

  • Robust stainless steel manufacture;

  • Fits most standard EU trailer formats;

  • Individual or keyed alike variations (universal key or unique keys).

Product Datasheet: English

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