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Advanced Self-powered Data Logging


The SecureLogger modular data logger connects directly to SecureSeal® Data, SecureLoc Data, or SecureSwitch/SecureDoor units to record all open and close activity, complete with time and date stamp.


On return to site/depot, the stored information is automatically and wirelessly downloaded to the Logger receiver hub on drive-by. data is then seamlessly uploaded to the secure SecureLogger Portal for review.


With its self-powered long life battery, inbuilt real time clock, and 300 event memory, SecureLogger becomes an integral asset to any operation serious about the integrity of their own or customer goods in transit.

About the Portal

About the Portal


  • Pro-active audit and exception reporting;

  • Automatic download via wireless drive-by receiver;

  • Improved and streamlined security/compliance process;

  • Increased customer confidence

Advantages of a SecureSal® + SecureLogger over an electronic seal

  • SecureLogger is located on the inside of the asset door and not exposed to the elements.

  • On eventual battery depletion, unlike an electronic seal, the integrity and functioning  of the SecureSeal® itself is not compromised.

  • Designed to download data automatically on drive-by. No additional handheld device readings required, which makes it invaluable for busy gatehouse security personnel.

Product Datasheet: English


The user friendly SecureLogger portal presents data simply and clearly to any personnel with user access permissions.  A full suite of pro-active reports provide detailed audit history and resource for investigation by exception:


  • Journey Audit:  full and detailed audit trail of all open and close activity.

  • Loaded Overnight:   access events outside of normal authorised times.

  • Number of openings: access events above a predefined number

  • Delivery Window:   access events made within a tightly defined parameter.

  • Service Alerts:  Service, Tax, Inspections and Battery Replacement due dates

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