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SecureSeal Data


The SecureSeal Data is a long-life reusable security seal producing random number security codes that can be connected to the SealRF or a SecureLogger for an audit trail.

SecureSeal Data is specified by trailer builders, major supermarket fleets, logistic companies, and other leading retailers around the globe. It provides tamper-evident security for all types of vehicles and trailers.


  • Tamper Evident;

  • Reduces administration costs and time compared to disposable seals;

  • Guaranteed reliability - up to 50,000 operations;

  • Easy to install - no maintenance or servicing required;

  • No batteries; add-on audit trail or logging functions are wireless

  • Can be used in conjunction with SealRF or the SecureLogger for an audit trail, or installed initially as a standalone, future-proofing your fleet for further advances;

  • Also available as a barrier seal with keyed lock - see SecureLoc.

Product Datasheets: English | French | Italian | German | Spanish

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